The Syndemic Response Alliance is a group of independent organizations committed to fighting and ending the epidemics of HIV and STI/STDs, Viral Hepatitis, Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Disparity in the Clarksville-Montgomery County Area and Tennessee.

What is a Syndemic?

Two or more epidemics, interacting synergistically, and contributing to excess burden of disease in a population, often with outcomes exponentially worse than individually.

Syndemics occur when health-related problems cluster by person, place, or time.

Over the past decades our world has seen the come and go of various epidemics, some worse than others. However, none have been as persistent as the epidemics of STI / STDs, HIV, and Substance Abuse. These epidemics; powerful on their own, amplify each other to create a type of epidemic storm system or syndemic.

Our Advocates provide education, case management, and referral for clients based on their syndemic individual needs to our Preferred Partners. Each SRA Preferred Partner is committed to providing services that work to combat the syndemic. In the event a service is not provided by a Preferred Partner, the closest match is provided.